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Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Laity Formation Fund

        The Laity Formation Fund grants are open to all lay Catholics of the Hong Kong Diocese to apply from the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, Laity Formation Fund.

        The Fund began with an allocation of one million Hong Kong dollar from the Organizing Committee for the 100th anniversary (1888-1988)of the building of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception in 1991.  In view of the small amount, the Organizing Committee for the celebration of 150th anniversary of the Catholic mission in Hong Kong organized a walkathon to raise 2.5 million dollars.  The two amounts totaled about 3.5 million.  The Diocese has increased it to make a total of 5 million Hong Kong dollar to form a Capital Fund.

        In 1992, the Bishop of Hong Kong, Cardinal Wu has appointed a Board of Trustees, a finance committee and a selection committee and the Fund has been registered with the Government.  Every year the financial yield from the Capital Fund will be used to help form lay Catholics who would eventually contribute to the building up of the Church in Hong Kong.  As there is a great need for the formation of the Catholic Laity in Hong Kong, the Diocese welcomes donations to increase the Capital Fund.

Aim: The objective of the Fund is to help the formation of lay Catholics in H.K. in accordance with the needs of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong; to assist the applicant with financial difficulties to receive education, either locally or abroad, in Biblical studies, theology, religious education, moral, justice and peace, liturgy and pastoral subjects etc.; to help in school/course fees and/or living expenses.

Applications procedure is appended below:-
1. Eligibility : lay Catholic in Hong Kong may apply as an individual.
2. All applicants should fill in an application form and return it to the Office of the Laity Formation Fund (hereafter called "the Office") at Bishop's Office, 12th Floor, Catholic Diocese Centre, 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong. Applicants should state in writing the aim of his/her formation plan and future plan. 
3. Applicants should nominate two referees one of whom should be a priest or religious sister. Referees are requested to give reference on the applicant to the Office. Referees should have known the applicant well and they should know each other for at least three years.
4. In case of necessary, applicants are required to attend interviews. The decision of the Board of Trustee shall be final.
5. All applicants will be processed and answered within 2 months from the deadline date for receiving applicants.

Deadline dates for receiving applications

Applicants for overseas studies: 31st January of every year (*should submit English Application From)
Applicants for local studies: 31st July of every year

Further information can be obtained from :

The Office of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong Laity Formation Fund, Bishop's Office, 12th Floor Catholic Diocese Centre, 16 Caine Road, Hong Kong.

     Telephone: (852) 2843-4674,  Fax: (852) 2840-1727.

     E-mail address:


      In asking for an application form, you may send your request, enclosing a return stamped envelope, to


       The Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong

        Laity Formation Fund

        Bishop's Office,

        12/Fl., Catholic Diocese Centre,

        16, Caine Road ,

        Hong Kong.