Angel's Garden - Garden of Remembrance

Mother’s Womb The foetuses who left their mother’s womb prematurely will rest peacefully again in the “womb” found in the Garden of Angels. Utilizing the three existing tree rings with a tree planted in each of them, the foetal remains are to be kept in these rings, sharing similarities of the oval shape womb of the mother. This is the “transfer” from one womb to another, in the Garden, safely and peacefully in the hands of the angels and the Lord. Wings of Angels The first phase of the Garden of Angels is seated on top of four formed berms (terraces). These berms, shaped like the wings of angel, are protecting the Garden and the foetal remains under their wings. Naming Wall and Sculptures A Naming Wall will be constructed with bricks near the tree rings. Names of still born babies will be displayed on the wall if so desired by the parents.