Angel's Garden - Garden of Remembrance

Establishment of the Garden of Remembrance (Garden of Angels 天使花園 ) for Foetal Remains at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Chai Wan A. Chronology of Events Date Description 1960 The Cemetery was put to use. Land burial lots, ossarium and niches offered to Catholic faithful in accordance to the Private Cemeteries Regulation. 22 May 2017 A Catholic couple desired to have the remains of their foetus kept at the Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery in Chai Wan. The laws of Hong Kong stipulate that only foetus issued with Form 13 can be buried. As the foetus of the said couple was only 15 weeks after gestation, the Hospital Authority normally treats these foetuses as clinical waste and disposes of them accordingly. 22 May 2017 Catholics believe that life begins at conception. For the dignity of these foetuses, the Diocesan Board of Catholic Cemeteries (the Board) wrote to apply for a special permission from FEHD Director to keep the foetal remains at the Catholic Cemeteries. 25 May 2017 FEHD declined the Board’s application but suggested that the Rules of the Catholic Cemeteries be revised to include the keeping of foetal remains. 31 May 2017 The Board provided FEHD with a revised version of the Rules of the Catholic Cemeteries with the keeping of foetal remains included. 6 June 2017 The Board further provided FEHD with supplementary information on the location and disposal method of foetal remains. 8 June 2017 FEHD officials inspected the sites proposed to keep the foetal remains.