Angel's Garden - Garden of Remembrance

5. Site 6: the gentle slope near the gate next to the Buddhist Cemetery E. Design Concept of the First Site of the Garden of Angels Designed by Ms. Lisa Cheung, a member of the Diocesan Building and Development Commission, the Garden of Remembrance (Garden of Angels) not only provides a resting place for still-born babies but it is also a place for bereavement and consolation for the parents and siblings. In the future, the Garden of Angels will also serve as a place for life and death education, thereby strengthening Catholics’ faith and hope in the Lord. Design of the Garden embraces three major elements: 1. Sound of Heaven 2. Mother’s Womb 3. Wings of Angels Sound of Heaven Existing pipes used for slope stabilization along one side of the staircase leading to the Garden and the stairs themselves were repainted to respectively resemble “flute pipes” and “piano keyboard” to create a peaceful and tuneful ambience. Parents holding the box with foetal remains for keeping at the Garden will find peace as they ascend to the final resting place of their beloved, accompanied by the melodious “Sound of Heaven”.